What is Snow?

Some students in Uruguay sent us an email and asked us to tell them about snow. We worked as a class to describe all the different ways that we experience snow. After talking about it, we decided that we should draw pictures to explain our words. Here is our class description along with our illustrations. Stay tuned, we will be posting photos soon!

There are many different ways to describe snow. It is cold and white. It is made of water frozen into lots of tiny crystals called snowflakes. Every snowflake is different or unique.

The snow falls from the sky.

If you hold snow in your warm bare hands it will melt into a puddle of cold water.

When the snow has just fallen it can be very soft and fluffy. When lots of people have walked on it, the snow gets packed together and hard.

When it is very cold, it is also hard and it makes a squeaky sound when you walk on it. When the sun shines on the snow, it is very sparkly.

To go out in the snow, you need to wear a jacket, boots and a hat.

Mittens keep your hands warm. If your mittens are made of wool and the snow is sticky, it will stick to them in little balls.

A scarf keeps your neck warm and keeps the snow from getting inside your jacket. If you want to play in the snow, you need to wear snow-pants to stay dry and warm.

We think snow is lots of fun because you can pack it together and build things. Young kids like to stack three snowballs on top of each other to make a snowman. Sometimes we add a scarf or a carrot for a nose.

Some kids like to stack pieces of snow to make a fort to play in.

You can pack snow into a ball called a snowball.

Some people throw snowballs at each other and have a snowball fight. They are not usually hard and it does not hurt. We are not allowed to have snowball fights at school, though. Sometimes they use their forts to hide in for their snowball fight.

When the snow is deep, you can sink right into it.

You can go to a mountain and ski...

... or snowboard on it.

We also like to slide down hills on sleds.

Some people like to ride on machines called ski-doos.

When the snow is soft, you can fall in it without getting hurt. You can make angel shapes in the snow.

When the snow has been on the ground a while and lots of cars have driven through it, it begins to turn black, brown, and grey.

It can also melt a little and turn into slush. Slush is a mixture of frozen and liquid water.